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New Displays for July

Hugh Owen Library

On Level D – New rare books display celebrating the work of the Royal Society

Come and see our new display of rare and early works from the Royal Society on Level D, Hugh Owen Library.

These rare jewels of early materials include works by Robert Boyle, Isaac Newton and John Evelyn and a splendid illustrated volume by Nehemiah Grew on the early collections of artefacts built up by the Society.

The Royal Society received its Charter from Charles II in the summer of 1662 so we are celebrating 350 years of the Society.

Come along and view our unique collection!

On Level F – The Powell Music Archive – Come and view some of our most interesting manuscripts

The Hugh Owen Library is offering a unique opportunity to view some of the most interesting manuscripts from the George Powell Music Collection.

Two manuscripts and one printed item from this collection are on display on Level F in the Hugh Owen Library:

O Spiritual Pilgrim by Gustav Holst (1874 – 1934)

Trio Sonata Op.2, no.3 by Arcangelo Corelli (1653 – 1713)

Missa Solemnis by Ludwig van Beethoven (1770 – 1827)

The Music Collection itself consists of over three hundred volumes of printed music, together with working scores and manuscript copy letters, including letters from Beethoven, Mozart and Mozart’s widow Constanze. The collection is currently being catalogued in the Hugh Owen Library.


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New Library Displays

Hugh Owen Library

On Level D – Nicolas de Fer – A Royal Cartographer

Nicolas de Fer (1646-1720) was one of the great map makers of the late 17th century, proclaimed as Geographer of the King of Spain and the Dauphin. The Library is fortunate to own a large part of his key work – Les Forces d’Europe, which was originally published between 1690 and 1695 and then reissued in 1705. The full work included maps of fortified towns in France, the Low Countries, Germany and around the Mediterranean along with some views. The maps in our collection were acquired by Professor Rudler and later bequeathed to the Library.


On Level F – The Death of a Prime Minister

On 11 May 1812 the Prime Minister, Spencer Perceval, was assassinated in the lobby of the House of Commons. On display are some contemporary accounts of the event and the  subsequent trial of his killer John Bellingham, drawn from the Annual Register and Gentleman’s Magazine for 1812.

Thomas Parry Library

Two Literary Anniversaries

1812 marks the 250th anniversary of the birth of Joanna Baillie, the Scottish poet and dramatist, who died in 1851. On display we have an early edition of her complete works, published in 1853, and an original letter from our archives.

The poet Robert Browning was born on 7 May 1812 and died on 12 December 1889. On display are some early works by him and also a volume of poems presented to him by Sir John Hanmer, a Victorian politician who represented Shrewsbury and then Flintshire for many years.

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